Canister Vacuums

If you are looking to clean multiple surfaces, and want a portable that is light weight, then canisters would be a great choice. Canisters weigh much less than uprights and are easier to maneuver around the home. Like uprights, canister vacuum cleaners clean a variety of surfaces and are equipped with various tools and attachments. Canister vacuums are comprised of a small, lightweight tanked shaped canister that houses the motor, HEPA filter and vacuum bag. This tank on wheels makes movement thru the house easy, and allows reaching hard-to-reach crevices. A long, flexible hose and swivel nozzle are attached to the vacuum tank, allowing for the entrapment of dust and dirt. Extension. It is not an overstatement that canister vacuum cleaners are able to clean any surface. A typical canister vacuum has a cleaning path width of 12 to 15 inches and is ideal for cleaning homes with than 50% of the floor space covered in hardwood.  Canister vacuums clean hardwood surfaces even better than the uprights. They are more popular than ever due to their ease of portability and tough-cleaning extensions. Additionally, canisters are great for carpet applications. Models that have a power brush nozzle do well in vacuuming carpet. The roller brush and attachments can extract out all sorts of dust and dirt that burrow in your carpet.

If you are looking to remove pet hair and clean upholstery, the canister vacuum is a great choice. Because its degree of portability, the canister vacuum is not only ideal for cleaning the kitchen or the living room, but it is great for all of the house. By spotting the long extension hose over your couch cushions, couches, chairs and etc., your furniture will be cleansed in minimal time. To clean beneath tables and chairs, and to clean shelving, canisters come handy too. In contrast, upright portables are known to fail in cleaning these areas even with superior attachments. Simply expressed, cleaning of those hard-to-reach area is simplified by using canisters. Just put a wand or crevice tool at the end of your canister vacuum hose, and you’ll collect all of the dust and dirt around the house. Dust brushes, crevice tools, wands, bare floor tools, and upholstery tools are some of the more common canister attachments. These tools ensure an optimal cleaning carried out by your canister vacuum.

HEPA filter system often equip canister vacuums and help reduce allergen in the home. If you are an allergy sufferer, then a canister vacuum is a fantastic choice. 95-99% of the air being sucked into a vacuum won’t leak back into the air due to HEPA filtration. The vacuum bag will collect pollutants, dirt, dust, mites and other germs for later safe disposal.

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