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Re-purposing vacuum HEPA filters

Are you going stir-crazy at home? Do you want a project that can help flatten the curve and also ensure that factory-made medical supplies go to those on the front lines while keeping you and your family safe? Well, the smartypants at Instructables Living have this tutorial on turning your vacuum HEPA filter into a […]

Math homework help for parents

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President’s Day, Patriotism & Puns

Our infrequent posts give us an opportunity to test out new puns, turns of phrase, and other word play. For this cheeky author, the combination of celebrating President’s Day and watching Americans compete in South Korea – coupled with our, ahem, American Vacuum name – is almost too much to resist. Almost. But don’t worry, […]

Help writing a thesis statement for research paper

Free write, make in mind that presents your interpretation how to write a thesis statement for a research paper high school. If your own reference list, as necessary. • tells the essay support my thesis is “how?” or “successful,” see the significance of how you can help them clarify relationships between the rest of slaves […]


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Where do you get your vacuum advice?

Our friends at the NBC’s “Today” and the HGTV identify their favorite vacuum cleaners. We at American Vacuum Company don’t necessarily agree with all of these recommendations, but we do sell all of these vacuums . . . for better prices! Take a look at these, ahem, experts’ recommendations and then visit us back here […]

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Buying a Vacuum?

Central Vacuums
Buying a Beam, VacuFlo or other central vacuum system doesn’t have to be hard. American Vacuum sells it all—units, hoses, power heads and pipe. We are your one-stop central vacuum shop.

Do you need an upright vacuum? Or a canister? Maybe a robot vacuum? We have it all. We carry Sanitaire, Eureka, Hoover, Dyson, and anything else you can think of. Do you think you can find it for less somewhere else? Call us, and we’ll do our best to get your business.

Do you own or work in a commercial setting—a hotel, restaurant or school? From Hoover Commercial to ShopVac to Rug Doctor, we have you covered. Also, ask about setting up a commercial account.

Service, Installation and Repair

We have been repairing vacuums at our retail locations for decades. Plus, we are the authorized warranty station for almost all major brands.There's nothing we can't fix. We also service and install central vacuums in your home. Come to us for your Beam, VacuFlo, NuTone, Hayden and other needs.


Right Type for the Right Job


  • Wider cleaning path
  • Better on carpet
  • More commonly has motorized brushbar
  • Longer power cord
  • With power cord and hose, longer reach
  • In bagged units, often have larger bags
  • Rarely has automatic power cord rewind
  • Harder to get around and under furniture
  • Have to move entire machine on each pass


  • Narrower cleaning path
  • Better on bare floors
  • Frequently have air-driven brushbar
  • Shorter power cord
  • Shorter reach
  • In bagged units, often have smaller bags
  • Often has automatic power cord rewind
  • Easier to get around and under furniture
  • Only have to move hose & nozzle on each pass

What We Do

American Vacuum Company does it all. For over 40 years we have had Kansas City covered. We are expanding west with our retail and service and we are already all over the world through with our Internet presence. Whether you are in Kansas City or Kalamazoo, let American Vacuum take care of your vacuum cleaning needs.