Upright Vacuums

While cleaning a floor in a home or suitable commercial space, uprights are the most commonly used vacuums. Uprights vary greatly in attachments, design, and functionality.  A typical upright is comprised a chest-high upright handle, a vertical waste department, and a vacuum head that is moved via an upright handle and consists of the motor, roller –brush, the wheels and sometimes illuminating lights. Portables come with a variety of cleaning attachments. Upright vacuums service a variety of surfaces including carpets, hardwoods, ceilings and furniture. For a home with mostly carpeted floors, uprights are the vacuums of choice. They are easy to use, and little effort is spent pushing them around the floor. To obtain a deep, complete cleaning, and extraction of dirt, these vacuums need to be gently pushed back-and-forth over the affected area.

As mentioned before, portables come with a variety of cleaning tools and attachments. First, you should determine what kind of surfaces you’ll be cleaning with your upright so you can choose the best vacuum for your application. Determining what your cleaning are will lead to selection of the portable with the most appropriate set of attachments. If you hope to clean high places, an extension hose will be handy. Extension hoses can clean the top of the blinds and ceiling fans, and under the coffee table and furniture. You have several brushes in terms of attachment sources. A laundry list of surfaces such as hardwoods, stairs, upholstery and more can be cleaned by attachment brushes. The vacuum crevice tool all to reach those “impossible” cleaning areas. To clean these hard to reach locations, use the crevice tool and the wands with your portable.  Special tools exist to remove pet hair from all types of surfaces, and your portable may come with one of these tools. To remove pet hair from your home, we offer an array of products from special tools, brushes, to extension wands.

There are several advantages to shopping for a portable at American Vacuum Company. We have over 40 years of experience in matching these products to customer needs. We are able to consider your budget to sell you a machine that is durable, efficacious, and head-ache free. We also offer different warranties on different machines, and are confident that you will be leaving with the right machine in your hand once you walk out of our stores. Please, don’t waste your time going to Walmart for cheap machines as their uprights often breakdown after just a few months of service. We look forward to seeing you at our stores, and if you are using e-bay or our website, we are more than willing to guide you towards the right purchase over the phone.

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