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Panasonic Genuine Type U-6 Micron Vacuum Bags, 3 Pack


Panasonic Type U-6 Micron vacuum cleaner bags

Part # MC-V145MT

3 Pack


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  • Panasonic Upright Tab Lock Vacuum Cleaner Bags MC-V145M for Panasonic Upright models: MC, MCV 6200, 6300, 6600, 6800, 6900, 7300 series, MC-V 6405 and Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner models Panasonic MC5111, Panasonic MC5116, Panasonic MC5121, Panasonic MC5131, Panasonic MC5150, Panasonic MC51501, Panasonic MC5190, Panasonic MC51901, Panasonic MC5210, Panasonic MC5220, Panasonic MC5230, Panasonic MC5250, Panasonic MC5501, Panasonic MC5510, Panasonic MC6210, Panasonic MC6215, Panasonic MC6220, Panasonic MC6225, Panasonic MC6230, Panasonic MC6250, Panasonic MC6601, Panasonic MC6602, Panasonic MC6640, Panasonic MC6810, Panasonic MC-UG371, Panasonic MC-UG383,Panasonic MC-V110, Panasonic MC-V110 00, Panasonic MC-V120, Panasonic MC-V150, Panasonic MC-V200, Panasonic MC-V210, Panasonic MC-V210 00, Panasonic MC-V215, Panasonic MC-V215 00, Panasonic MC-V225, Panasonic MC-V300, Panasonic MC-V315, Panasonic MC-V315 00, Panasonic MC-V325, Panasonic MC-V400, Panasonic MC-V5003, Panasonic MC-V500300, Panasonic MC-V5005, Panasonic MC-V5005-00, Panasonic MC-V5005-01, Panasonic MC-V5005-02, Panasonic MC-V5009-00, Panasonic MC-V5017, Panasonic MC-V5027, Panasonic MC-V503700, Panasonic MC-V511000, Panasonic MC-V5203, Panasonic MC-V5204, Panasonic MC-V5209-00, Panasonic MC-V5210-00, Panasonic MC-V5227, Panasonic MC-V5238, Panasonic MC-V5239-00, Panasonic MC-V5241-00, Panasonic MC-V5247, Panasonic MC-V5248, Panasonic MC-V5257, Panasonic MC-V5258, Panasonic MC-V525800, Panasonic MC-V526100, Panasonic MC-V5267, Panasonic MC-V526700, Panasonic MC-V5268, Panasonic MC-V526800, Panasonic MC-V5269-00, Panasonic MC-V527100, Panasonic MC-V5278, Panasonic MC-V5278-00, Panasonic MC-V5297, Panasonic MC-V529700, Panasonic MC-V5370, Panasonic MC-V5502, Panasonic MC-V5504, Panasonic MC-V5710, Panasonic MC-V5715, Panasonic MC-V5716, Panasonic MC-V5720, Panasonic MC-V5725, Panasonic MC-V5726, Panasonic MC-V5730, Panasonic MC-V5740, Panasonic MC-V5744, Panasonic MC-V5746, Panasonic MC-V5750, Panasonic MC-V5760, Panasonic MC-V6602, Panasonic MC-V6980, Panasonic MC-V6985, Panasonic MC-V7305, Panasonic MC-V7309, Panasonic MC-V7311, Panasonic MC-V731100, Panasonic MC-V7312, Panasonic MC-V7314, Panasonic MC-V7314-01, Panasonic MC-V7325, Panasonic MC-V7335, Panasonic MC-V7341, Panasonic MC-V7347, Panasonic MC-V7348, Panasonic MC-V7355, Panasonic MC-V7357, Panasonic MC-V7358, Panasonic MC-V7365, Panasonic MC-V7367, Panasonic MC-V7370, Panasonic MC-V737002, Panasonic MC-V7375, Panasonic MC-V7377, Panasonic MC-V738002, Panasonic MC-V7385, Panasonic MC-V7387, Panasonic MC-V7388, Panasonic MC-V7389, Panasonic MC-V7390, Panasonic MC-V739002, Panasonic MC-V7395, Panasonic MC-V7398, Panasonic MC-V7399, Panasonic MC-V7400D, Panasonic MC-V7407D, Panasonic MC-V7418D, Panasonic MC-V7428, Panasonic MC-V7501, Panasonic MC-V7505, Panasonic MC-V7515, Panasonic MC-V7521, Panasonic MC-V7522, Panasonic MC-V752200, Panasonic MC-V7531
  • Quantity Per Package: 3 vacuum bags
  • Part # MC-V145MT

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 in

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Right Type for the Right Job


  • Wider cleaning path
  • Better on carpet
  • More commonly has motorized brushbar
  • Longer power cord
  • With power cord and hose, longer reach
  • In bagged units, often have larger bags
  • Rarely has automatic power cord rewind
  • Harder to get around and under furniture
  • Have to move entire machine on each pass


  • Narrower cleaning path
  • Better on bare floors
  • Frequently have air-driven brushbar
  • Shorter power cord
  • Shorter reach
  • In bagged units, often have smaller bags
  • Often has automatic power cord rewind
  • Easier to get around and under furniture
  • Only have to move hose & nozzle on each pass

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