Creative Uses and Everyday Tips for Your Vacuum Cleaner

American Vacuum Company has more tips to help keep your home clean.

#1 Cleaning Tip

Vacuum the furnace vent once a month to remove dust and dirt build-up and improve efficiency.

#2 Cleaning Tip

Remove crumbs nestled between appliances with a vacuum’s crevice tool. Also, clean out your crisper like this.

#3 Cleaning Tip

Remove couch cushions and use vacuum attachments to collect the dust, dirt and debris that fell through the cracks.

#4 Cleaning Tip

Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures at least once a month with an extendable duster or use your vacuum’s wand and dusting brush attachment.

#5 Cleaning Tip

Dust books on the bookshelf once a month with the vacuum brush attachment on your vacuum.

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